How to start your own WordPress site? is a free to use content management system. A huge selection of themes and plugins will give you a broad freedom building very useful and beautiful sites on the web. or provides you with an easy to install blog. You can do some themes and plugins, you can upgrade it for some special web design features and that’s the deal. If you need a blog, fast du install, without bothering webspace, database or site architecture, will be your first choice. provides you with a free data folder you can upload to any ftp-server you want starting your own website immediately. It’s a bit more time consuming and some need to get familiar with the possibilities and tricks of using it. But if you master it it’ll be a powerful and free tool for building up to date websites for you or for your clients.

Any prearrangements necessary?

We are working with Therefore, you’ll need:
A — about 500 MB dataspace
B — a functional mysql database
C — your own domain address

WordPress requires about 50 MB but take 500 MB for any additional future data. Mostly you’ll find a „WordPress ready“ package including php, your own domain and a mysql database for under 10 € per month. If made very good experiences with [DE] but you’re free to choose your best offer.

But now: How to install my WordPress site?

Chapter One: Upload the files

  1. Download the zip-folder in your language to your desktop
  2. Download a ftp-uploader (like Cyberduck) on your computer
  3. Connect the ftp-uploader with your webspace. You need to know from your provider your:
    A — ftp-servername (like
    B — ftp-username (like p1234567)
    C — ftp-port (mostely 21)
    D — ftp-password
  4. Find the html folder on your webspace (the index.htm file should be in there)
  5. Create a new folder within that html folder
  6. Unzip the WordPress folder on your desktop
  7. Upload the unzipped WordPress folder into your new webspace folder via ftp
  8. Open your preferred browser and look for the address

Chapter Two: Installing WordPress

  1. If you’ve done everything properly, enjoy the 5-Steps-Installation:
  2. Part One: Connecting to the database by typing in your:
    E — mysql database address (like usr_p1234567_1, provided by your host)
    F — mysql database username (like p1234567, it’s not your WordPress nor your provider username, it’s a third one also provided by your host)
    G — mysql database password (it’s not your WordPress nor your provider password, it’s a third one also provided by your host)
    H — mysql database host name (like
    I — wordpress database prefix (just keep the wp_, it’ll be fine)
  3. Part Two: Starting WordPress by typing in your:
    A — wordpress site title (which you can change later)
    B — wordpress username (a new one just for this specific WordPress site)
    C — wordpress password (a new one just for this specific WordPress site)
    D — personal email address (as your primary contact address)
  4. That’s it. Done!

Last but not least: How to login to my new site?

If everything worked out fine you’re ready to log into to the backend of your WordPress site. Type your wordpress username and wordpress password into the admin panel of your site here:

Here we go. You are ready to rumble!

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